Automotive Car Diagram


One of the World’s largest sectors by revenue, the Automotive Industry continues to follow technology-driven trends to improve production performance, reduce raw material price and streamline production.

However, taking advantage of the latest technological innovation and incorporating new materials in the manufacturing process can be problematic as accreditation is normally only achieved through real time testing which is also expensive.

As we have our own test facility and weathering station, ScreenServices are in a position to provide ‘carry over’ testing which, if done in a cyclical format is generally accepted in place of real time data.

Products supplied into the Automotive Industry fall into 2 categories, with door pillar and black out vinyl’s, microfiber film to reduce noise/sqeaks/vibration/rattles and security serial plates and labels.

For use externally, we supply speciality functional seam film, self healing clear Urethane films, acrylic adhesive foam tapes and protective films for transit.

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