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Construction machines are specifically designed for use in construction operations including hauling, drilling, paving, excavating and grading. Types of construction equipment include earthmoving equipment, material handling equipment, heavy construction vehicles and equipment. Product platforms include: articulated dump trucks, crawler loaders, mini excavators, asphalt finishers, backhoe loaders, crawler dozers, motor graders, crawler excavators, rigid dump trucks, rough terrain lift trucks and others.

Unlike Agricultural Equipment, Construction Machinery can be exposed to the worst possible conditions due to the nature of the harsh environments they are expected to operate in. This can involve extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale, UV radiation, chemical and abrasion.  We have an in-house test laboratory where rigorous testing is carried out to customer specification, along with built-in testing throughout the entire manufacturing process ensuring the use of the latest printing technologies along with the highest quality raw materials are used to achieve the very best results.

As the machines go through their normal routines they can also be cleaned by power washing which has the potential to remove decals quite easily which is a concern for OEM’s in relation to product liability.  At ScreenServices we have developed a testing regime which includes a controlled rig test used to determine the threshold for failure. Any product recommended or specified by ScreenServices has to pass this test.

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