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The main factor driving our continuous growth is our ability to differentiate ourselves from our competitors by providing a proactive approach to product specification.

By engaging with clients at an early stage of new product development and design we drive cost out by aggressively challenging material specification and logistical supply to deliver quality, price and performance.

Our in-house Research and Development Team are used to working directly with suppliers and customers alike in order to achieve optimum product performance and having access to our own laboratory and archive of evidence based test data, we are in an ideal position to satisfy all legislative and application requirements.

Multi-Product Facility

During the design phase the manufacturing and distribution locations were strategically housed separately on the company’s 2 acre site to fulfill our disaster management and contingency plan, keeping the integrity of our business and our clients supply chain at the forefront of our focus.

These units enable ScreenServices to further build upon its established expertise in the manufacture of printed substrates of the worldwide market.

The manufacturing facility consists of a newly constructed two storey multi-product facility separating the digital print department and screen printing department to greatly assist with our continued growth.

Rapid Prototyping

We have a distinct facility for rapid prototyping with all tooling and cutting performed in-house. Rapid Prototyping enables ScreenServices to turn innovative ideas into successful end products rapidly and efficiently by the fabrication of physical products using computer aided design data.

The benefits of this process gives ScreenServices fast and effective communication of any design. The effect validation of the product with the ability to run quickly through multiple design iterations resulting in improved production and, in turn, higher quality end products.

In-house Design and Engineering Studio

Our in house design team utilises years of experience within our industry to fully design, test and implement for whichever sector or county your product is needed for. Our design and engineering studio is home to an enthusiastic team who combine excellent technical experience with creative flair. Acting as a lynchpin between the production team and client services. This crucial department ensures client requirements are fully met.

The design team takes a consultative approach through the design process ensuring the end product is exactly what is needed. The team can supply artwork, creating print ready files and workable formats for use with film based output, cutter profiles and printed media.

Screens Services offer a vast range of technical advice from this consultative practice. Allowing us to collaborate with clients fully; taking ideas and vision to generate high quality finished digital media or print ready artwork.