Finishing Department

Finishing Department

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Print Finishing

Print finishing is the last link in the production chain, meaning the department needs to be well organized and methodical; Screen Services’ Finishing Team possesses excellent mechanical and problem solving skills often thinking outside the box to ensure clients receive the best possible finish and that the products withstand even the harshest of environments. Regardless of the print process, products can be finished in a variety of ways to increase performance, aid with the product application, to enhance the print or protect it.

Numerous Specifications

Products up to 1500 wide by any length can be laminated using both cold and hot applications in a variety of thicknesses and specification, laminates are chosen to protect the finished product against abrasion, ultra violet exposure and varying climates. Application papers or transfer papers can be added to aid with fitting of the product or to protect the print face they can also be removed during or after the fitting process. Furthermore products can then be cut in a variety of ways including: kiss cut and full cut. Backing sheets can be perforated or creased to aid in pack or the application of the product. Products can also be embossed to give a 3d effect.

Cutting Machines

ScreenServices operate a range of cutting machinery from fully automated CAD cutting machines including Zunds, Aristomats and Lasers to traditional Platen Presses with cutting sizes up to 1500 x 1000mm.

Platen Presses offer fast, efficient and precise results and are known for their reliability and consistent accuracy. They require tooling making them most suited to large volume, sheet based production runs.

For shorter runs, samples and prototypes vacuum cutting provides the equivalent in accuracy and removes tooling costs associated with the Platen Press. Our Zunds are fully automated and operate with a built in camera which gives them the ability to self-adjust, this combination makes the finishing process highly efficient. Vacuum cutting is available for sizes up to 1400mm in width by any roll length.

Large Format Finishing

Large format printing can be cut up to 1500mm wide to practically any roll length using our specialised plotting machines. These machines benefit from a magic eye scanner that can identify registration marks, barcodes and QR codes to create decals in many designs and size configurations, tailored to meet your specific needs and ensure accuracy.

With our range of guillotines we can cut up to 1500mm on a range of materials from paper, vinyl, polycarbonate and aluminium. By using a DFS (Digital Finishing System) roll items can be laminated, kiss cut, stripped and either re-rolled or sheeted by one machine reducing operator input and allowing the production process to be significantly reduced.