Market Sectors

Market Sectors

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Market Sectors

In 1999 ScreenServices made a strategic decision to concentrate all sales activity on the Automotive, Construction and Agricultural Equipment Markets in Europe and North America and focus on our core business activity which is the manufacture and supply of Branding decals.

We identified that to be the lowest cost producer in our field we would have to secure a significant share of the Market to enable us to apply volume leverage against raw material price which is exactly what we have achieved.

This resulted in the establishment of strategic supply partnerships with major manufacturers who embraced the opportunity to enter into long term agreements and regular demand for their self -adhesive products.

The partnerships we have in place have provided additional mutual benefits such as continuous improvement and development of raw materials and adhesives to meet customer requirements and test marketing of new products.

Photo of a New Holland Combine Harvester by David Thielen.


The Agricultural Equipment Market refers to all machines which facilitate the production and processing of agricultural crops and agricultural livestock including tractors, harvesters, cultivation and soil separation equipment. Market share is a constant challenge for all of the main players so body styling plays a major part in achieving Brand recognition. Branding decals are used to compliment trade colours and are typically specified as large format screen print with an expected outdoor life of 8 to 10 years. Complex body styling and contouring can present a challenge when applying and fitting decals, therefore to provide production parts well in advance of product launch ScreenServices have developed a ‘rapid prototyping’ procedure used to prove application through practical fit and function testing.

This approach also involves price and cost optimisation.

Photo of a New Holland Combine Harvester by David Thielen.
Photo of a CASE excavator by Dmitriy Zub.


Construction machines are specifically designed for use in construction operations including hauling, drilling, paving, excavating and grading. Types of construction equipment include earthmoving equipment, material handling equipment, heavy construction vehicles and equipment. Product platforms include: articulated dump trucks, crawler loaders, mini excavators, asphalt finishers, backhoe loaders, crawler dozers, motor graders, crawler excavators, rigid dump trucks, rough terrain lift trucks and others.

Unlike Agricultural Equipment, Construction Machinery can be exposed to the worst possible conditions due to the nature of the harsh environments they are expected to operate in. This can involve extreme temperatures at both ends of the scale, UV radiation, chemical and abrasion. We have an in-house test laboratory and build testing in throughout the entire manufacturing process ensuring our products

As the machines go through their normal routines they can also be cleaned by power washing which has the potential to remove decals quite easily which is a concern for OEM’s in relation to product liability.

That is why at ScreenServices we have developed a testing regime which includes a controlled rig test used to determine the threshold for failure. Any product recommended or specified by ScreenServices has to pass this test.


Automotive / Transport

One of the World’s largest sectors by revenue, the Automotive Industry continues to follow technology-driven trends to improve production performance, reduce raw material price and streamline production.

However, taking advantage of the latest technological innovation and incorporating new materials in the manufacturing process can be problematic as accreditation is normally only achieved through real time testing which is also expensive.

As we have our own test facility and weathering station, ScreenServices are in a position to provide ‘carry over’ testing which, if done in a cyclical format is generally accepted in place of real time data.

Products supplied into the Automotive Industry fall into 2 categories, with door pillar and black out vinyl’s, microfiber film to reduce noise/sqeaks/vibration/rattles and security serial plates and labels.

For use externally, we supply speciality functional seam film, self healing clear Urethane films, acrylic adhesive foam tapes and protective films for transit.